BLACK SUMMER // SS2014 Event

Sweet memories !

It feels like it was only 3 weeks ago - and it was exactly !

BLACK SUMMER SS14 edition of our seasonal get-together took place in old basement in the heart of the city.



The event was protected by our long time guardian angel - cardboard version of Finnish F1 driver Mika Häkkinen. Pictured here watching over precious BBS boxes in the back of a beaten-up van. Go Mika !!




Temporary location was set up during afternoon.

Roll in the latest arrivals from Rick Owens SS14 Vicious , Boris Bidjan Saberi Sailorism , Alexandre Plokhov and Nicolas Andreas Taralis . Add 5 minutes of visual merchandising and voilà!






A big THANK YOU to all of you who dropped by !


Next event coming soon. We would like you to join us ….


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